Sometimes it turns out wrong and what would happen if your new clothes don't fit or match your expectations? No problem, below you can read how to proceed if you want to return, exchange or make a claim about your item.

Retur, byte & reklamation

Så här går du tillväga om du fått direktleverans från Segers lager:

  1. Registrera ditt returärende via returbegäran på

  2. Returen ska ske inom 30 dagar från det att du mottagit din försändelse.

  3. Ange orsaken till din retur.

  4. Packa varorna i lämpligt ytteremballage. För att vi skall kunna godkänna returen behöver plagget vara i fullgott skick och i originalförpackning (bryt förpackningen med minsta möjliga skada).

  5. Bifoga Segers följesedel i paketet och märk de varor som du vill returnera.

  6. Lämna in returpaketet hos närmaste postombud.

  7. När returen är hanterad ställer vi ut en kreditfaktura på varans värde med avdrag för returfraktkostnad på 95 kronor exkl moms. Vår målsättning är att alla returer skall hanteras inom 14 dagar.

Vid ofullständig retur förbehåller vi oss rätten att neka retur alternativt debitera en rimlig hanteringskostnad. Vi erbjuder ingen returrätt på specialtillverkade, broderade eller tryckta varor.

Om leveransen kommer från återförsäljares lager - följ deras rutin för returer.

Returnera enligt ovan.
Lägg en ny beställning (på samma sätt som när du beställde tidigare).

Registrera ditt reklamationsärende via returbegäran på så kontaktar vi dig för vidare information.


Assuming the return is approved, you usually receive a refund within 14 days of sending the item back. If you selected payment by invoice, we ask you to pause it with Klarna to avoid a reminder fee while we manage the return.

Assuming the desired exchange item is in stock, you usually get the new item shipped within 14 days.

Assuming the advertising is approved, you will usually receive a new item or a refund within 14 days of sending the item back.

When changing to the same or an equivalent item, there is no adjustment to your payment. If you have chosen an invoice or already paid for your order, this is the payment that applies.

From the time we have approved your return, you will be refunded within 7 business days via the same payment method used when purchasing.

1. Complete the return form that came with your order. Donot forget to specify the reason why you want to return the product by using one of the codes on the form.

2. Put the product that you want to return in the package along with the form and fix the prepaid return note on the package. If you use the same package the products came in, put the return note on top of the original label. 

3. Submit the package to the shipping company that is on the return note and make sure to save the receipt, so you can track your shipment. NB! It is not necessarily the same carrier for the return as for the delivery, so be sure to check your return note.

4. If you have chosen to pay by invoice, contact Klarna to pause your payment. If you have chosen a different payment method, your refund will take place automatically once your return has been approved, usually within five business days.

We only approve returns of clothes coming back to us in new condition. If you have used, washed or removed the labels from the clothes, we cannot resell them to any other adventurer and therefore cannot approve your return. Unfortunately, we have to charge a fee of SEK 150 for unapproved returns to cover our costs. You must use our prepaid return note to get free shipping. If you have lost your return form or return note, please contact our customer service.

If your package has been damaged in transit, it is important that you keep all packaging and content, so that we can examine it if necessary. Then log in to your user and register an claim. Also write as a comment that the claim relates to damage in transit and please attach a picture of the damage. Our claims department will then contact you by e-mail for further handling of the matter.

At present, we deliver only within the EU.