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Five quick questions for Runa Kvendseth
1. What are you doing today? “I’m focusing on Chef of the Year in Norway together with my fantastic team.” 2. What is it about cooking that motivates you? “Having the opportunity to make others happy and develop myself on...
Courage, sweat and tears - Dahlboms mat & bar / Bar kusinen
At last it was about to happen. The signed contract was there on the table. It was New Year’s Eve and married couple Pia and Jonas Dahlbom had just secured the perfect venue to start their dream restaurant. All that remained was to toast the new year ahead. They were really looking forward to 2020.
Segers factory in wartime Ukraine
Segers has had a factory in Ukraine since 2003. Specifically in Shumsk, about 200 kilometres east of the city of Lviv. It produces almost 400,000 garments annually for Segers. The factory is one of 6 units within the Segers group of companies and one of two factories. We want to tell you more about how the factory and staff are being affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
The chef’s jacket turns 200
This year marks exactly 200 years since Marie-Antoine Carême set the standard for how a chef should be dressed at work. Segers celebrates with new chef’s jacket. A modern, sustainable twist on a classic uniform
From waste to zero waste
Segers have launch Zero Waste, a new set of chef’s clothing produced entirely without fabric waste. Just as chefs aim not to waste any part of their raw ingredients, we at Segers want to avoid wasting any of our own...
Sustainable production of clothing in Pakistan.
For years now, the clothing industry in Asia has had a bad reputation for unsatisfactory working environment and low salaries. We do our best to implement our values for a humane and safe workplace at the same time as paying full respect to the Pakistani culture and their way of life.
Segers stretch the boundaries

New rock in our range. It might look like one in the crowd. But there is a significant difference that makes it stand out. Thanks to an innovative method, the cocoon coat is made of a soft fabric and has a natural stretch.

Designed to last

På Segers arbetar vi på många olika sätt för att möta våra kunders önskemål. Därför erbjuder vi alltid möjligheten att skräddarsy och anpassa sina arbetskläder. 

Gustav Leonhardt - chef of the year 2021

We have met Gustav Leonhardt, chef of the year, and asked 5 quick questions. Read How Gustav is inspired and sees the year as the chef of the year and the future.

For a better world
The restaurant industry is careful about what is happening on the plate. Organic and near-produced is the future. At Segers we are equally carefull about what you have on while working.
Our customers have spoken.

Våra storsäljare har levt i över tre decennier, nu var det dags för en uppdatering. Och då är det kunderna som bestämmer. Efter ett gediget omtag kan vi nu presentera kockrockar och förkläden 2.0. 

Zero Waste - Top-end restaurant without rubbish bins
Douglas McMaster goes on to tell us that: “Waste is merely the end product of a lack of imagination.” He has attracted worldwide attention for his fervent commitment to sustainability. Having worked for Michelin star restaurants such as Noma, The Fat Duck and St. John, he went on to open the world’s first and only waste-free restaurant, Silo. As such, he has laid down the gauntlet for the global food industry, and is showing how a sustainable business can also be lucrative.
This Christmas we contribute to the removal of more child sexual abuse images online.
Time for Action!
A shirt inspired by the sports world with smart features in a light, airy and cool material that you rather associate with sports clothes than with work clothes